Pain Free Living & Balance Improvement

Pain Free Living & Balance Improvement
Join a small group by the pool practising easy to do, anywhere, anytime exercises to help you reduce pain or stiffness, improve your balance and leave you feeling totally relaxed.
FIRST CLASS FREE (except for pool entry $4.30 concession or it's $5.30) then $6/class
Contact Lissa Evans 0427536785 to register. Dip Fitness, Fascial Fitness Trainer. Fitness Aust Reg # 025888

"I love the freedom this training has given me - the freedom from pain and stiffness; the freedom to move easily and work in the garden every day." Dave
"After doing the exercises I always feel more grounded, centred, balanced. I use them to release tension in my sore spots and this helps me to improve my posture over time." Anna
"Lissa has made me aware of the connectivity of my body and the importance of caring for the fascia. As a result I am able to reduce pain or tension easily and enjoy a far healthier lifestyle, without pills." Karen
"I was pleasantly surprised by the reduction in pain on movement and am encouraged to use these methods to support, not just gardening but yoga. While yoga increases suppleness, quite often there are areas that remain restricted due to pain. The two, fascial release and yoga practice complement each other as both require mindfulness and can be done slowly." Monique
Thursday at 11.00am every week (next 18-Jul-2019)
Eumundi Pool
1 Memorial Drive - southern end
Eumundi [View Map]
Lissa Evans
m: 0427536785
p: 54710768
Contact the host to confirm booking.
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