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Peter Deacon

Montville (ranges) Coffee Mornings

Warning: this event has been temporarily suspended due to coronavirus
Montville (ranges) Coffee Mornings
Hi girls and boys
Well, we've always prided ourselves in Montville on "never closing down" even over Christmas/ New Year, but by now you will have heard that the Govt has ordered the closure of all restaurants and licensed premises as a result of the Corona Virus Pandemic conditions. This of course includes our fab meet venue at 'The Edge' in Montville. So my sad message for you is that our Thursday Coffee mornings are suspended until further notice.
Ah, but I think we also pride ourselves on the beaut friendships formed among members of our small group over the years. So, please stay in contact with each other via your magical, ring-ring, voice mail devices and electronic e-mail. And I would personally love to hear from each of you from time-to-time to see how you're viewing the world and how you're travelling in general. And looking forward to the 'passover feast' when the pestilence has moved on?!
Love you all
David Crilley

David (Mapleton) Tel: 5445 7928 M: 0424 735 309 (text only)
Allan (Nambour) Tel: 5442 1998 M: 0468 351 542
Thursday at 10.00am every week (next 04-Jun-2020)
The Edge Cafe
Mayfield Centre, 127-133 Main Street
Montville [View Map]
Range Lively 50 Plus  
David Crilley
m: 0424 735309
p: 5445 7928
e: crilleybear@hotmail.com
No booking required, just add your name to the Who's Going list to let others know you will be attending.
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Yo boys and girls Our weekly Coffee Morning meets @ 'The Edge' are suspended until further notice. Stay in touch with each other via your magical, ring-ring voice mail devices and electronic mail. And hopefully seeya again when the pestilence has passed.

David C on 23-Mar-2020
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David C  
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