Walk with Maleny Heartbeats

Maleny Heartbeats is a walking group affilited with the Heart Foundation. There are one hour walks on Monday and Wednesday mornings from various locations, and on Fridays the walk always starts from the library.

The Friday group usually includes 20 to 30 walkers. Although we head off together at 6.30 (prompt!) the group soon splits into faster and slower groups. Some people like to walk briskly for an hour (or even a bit more) and often complete the Precinct circuit, including a steep hill. Others like to dawdle and chat and check out all the platypus haunts. Many are somewhere between these extremes (including me), so there are certain to be some to suit you.

After the walk we gather for breakfast at Monica's. The cafe sets up one long table for us and somehow we manage to squeeze in! They do lovely breakfasts of all types, and great coffee too.

I am nearly always there on Fridays, and can be identified as the only one who arrives on a bicycle and uses walking poles. Please indicate that you are are coming so I can look out for you.

The library is easy to find. Presuming you are coming from the coast, turn left at the (only) roundabout as you enter town, and the library is the first building on your left. Easy to park there, as we move on before the library opens.
Friday at 6.30am every week (next 25-Oct-2019)
Maleny Library start point
5 Coral St.
Maleny [View Map]
Frances Harper
p: 54943420
e: jubeadilation@gmail.com
No booking required, just add your name to the Who's Going list to let others know you will be attending.
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