Modern Technology Tutoring & Support

Modern Technology Tutoring & Support
Tutoring and Support for all your modern technology.
Setup and using Smart Devices - iPhone, iPad, Tablet etc
Saving your Photos from Smart Device to computer and sharing
How to send and receive emails
Surf the Internet safely.
Safe Internet Banking.
Smart TV setup and using functions
Computer setup, using your computer to it's potential.

In Home Support & Tutoring
We can assist you with any technical task in your own home, from programming the DVD player to helping you send an email. No task is too big or too small. We work with you, at your own pace and all training will be tailored to suit your particular needs and interests.
You will be able to learn and practice on your own device and all changes and updates will be done directly to them so there is no need to remember complex instructions.
My aim is to make you familiar with your device and confident to use it with ease.
Memory Source Tech Tutoring costs less, with our hourly service rate at only $65 per hour.
Monday at 8.00am every week (next 18-Dec-2017)
In Home Support & Tutoring
Gympie Street
This event is hosted by Jens who has kindly volunteered to help make it as easy as possible for newcomers.
m: 0428989973
Contact the host to confirm booking.
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