Evening Walk and Dinner

Evening Walk and Dinner
Join the lively50plus crowd at 5.30pm for an evening walk from Loo with a View to the Mooloolaba groyne and back. It's an easy walk of around 4kms.

Anyone is welcome just turn up a few minutes early and introduce yourself.

Afterwards we usually have dinner at a local venue.
Friday at 5.30pm every week (next 20-Oct-2017)
Loo with a view
The Esplanade Mooloolaba
Mooloolaba [View Map]
This event is hosted by Ron who has kindly volunteered to help make it as easy as possible for newcomers.
m: 0458 826411
e: xtabay4@gmail.com
No booking required, just add your name to the Who's Going list to let others know you will be attending.
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OK Ian no problems maybe we'll see you on Friday cheers

Ron M on 16-Aug-2017
sorry ron my poor eyesight mised a dige

Ian M on 16-Aug-2017
That's my number above and is still valid as far as I know.

Ron M on 16-Aug-2017
thank you ron mob number not valid number
as tried it

Ian M on 16-Aug-2017
Hi Ian I'm sure we can arrange a lift home for you.

Ron M on 16-Aug-2017
hello i am ian after tea I would aprecate a lift home to alex as I am blind use a longcane donn't feel like 15 minutewalk from bus stop thank you ian

Ian M on 16-Aug-2017
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Bob G   Ron M  
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