Join us this friday evening as Richard Whtiehurst presents TheOverviewEffect-TransformativePower ofSeeingEarthFromSpace - Richard Whitehurst is the co-founder The Overview Institute Australia
.- Humanity is in desperate need for a unifying vision and a new transformative narrative or story as we enter this phase of the 21st century, when our choices are crucial and will be felt for not only decades but for centuries to come. The 'Overview Effect' offers a powerful and immediate transformation that occurs when a human being sees the Earth from space to re-contextualise our understanding, that we are one human family ~ crew of 'Spaceship Earth,' and that our fate is mutual and intertwined. From this deeper understanding generated by an enhanced perception of the planetary overview we can as a species make the kinds of choices that will move us all forward into not only sustainable outcomes but also into truly luminous and regenerative futures.
All welcome, members and non members alike. See you there :)

**optional** -bring a small plate of food to share over a cuppa - either way, please stay for a 'cuppa'. For further information phone jj JanetJosie 0416-442962 or Ailza 07-5470 2656
Friday at 7.00pm every week (next 25-Jan-2019)
CWA/RSL hall
123 poinciana drive
Tewantin [View Map]
jj -Janet Josie blake
m: +61416442962
p: +61416442962
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