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Coolum Beach Walking Group
Whale watching season has arrived and all eyes are on the horizon and the endless glassy waters of the Coral Sea as an estimated 22,000 humpback whales make their estimated 10,000-kilometre journey South along the Australian coastline to Antarctica. With newborn calves in tow, the Coolum Beach Walking Group is enjoying the spectacle as they stop momentarily at the observation platforms at both Point Perry and Second Bay to observe this spectacle.

May we invite you to join our group as we experience the health benefits and social aspect of the 50-minute walk along the beautifully landscaped pathway beside Coolum Beach and which begins at 7.00am on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning in the park opposite the Dan Murphy store.

For further information about the Coolum Beach Walking Group either visit or call me on 04 1836 4212 or write me at

Needless to say that our group of intrepid walkers are looking forward to having you accompany us.
Monday at 7.00am every week (next 23-Sep-2019)
the 1.8 kilometre landscaped pathway beside Coolum
David Low Way
Coolum Beach
Coolum Walkers  
Phil Layton
m: 0418364212
No booking required, just add your name to the Who's Going list to let others know you will be attending.
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