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Coolum Beach Walking Group
... mmm beautiful clear blue skies while looking out over the endless glassy waters of the Coral Sea.... whale watching season kicks off during June and the Coolum Beach Walking Group are ready and waiting for you to join us to observe their 10,000-kilometre migration from Antarctica.

Join us at 7.00am of a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning in the park directly opposite the Dan Murphy Wine Merchants store as we experience the health benefits and social aspect of a 50 minute walk along the beautifully landscaped pathway beside Coolum Beach to the magnificent viewing platforms at both Point Perry and Second Bay car park between Point Arkwright and Point Perry to sample the spectacular 180 degree uninterrupted views over the ocean from North to South.

For further information about the Coolum Beach Walking Group either visit or call me on 04 1836 4212 or write me at

Needless to say that I and the other members of our group are looking forward to having you accompany us. With warm regards, Phil Layton.
Wednesday at 7.00am every week (next 25-Jul-2018)
the 1.8 kilometre landscaped pathway beside Coolum
David Low Way
Coolum Beach
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Phil Layton
m: 0418364212
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Coolum Beach Walking Group is delighted to welcome dog owners to bring their dogs on the 50-minute walk to the observation platforms at both Point Perry and Second Bay and back.

Phil L on 21-Jun-2018
Looking for the opportunity to meet up with other dog owners and their dogs to walk around Coolum Beach? Want to do more than just stand around in Tickle park or get stuck in the sand at the off-leash area at Stumers Creek while your dog does all the exercising? Actually walking your dog around a variety of different areas provides lots of benefits. Your dog encounters new and different smells. He/she is also exposed to a wide range of experiences typical of an urban environment - all important for a healthy, calm dog. Walking is probably the best all-around exercise for human cardiovascular and mental health so dog owners get a big benefit too!

Phil L on 21-Jun-2018
May I bring my dog?

Rachel D on 20-Jun-2018
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