Yoga Nidra, Kawana Guides Hall 9 June

Yoga Nidra, Kawana Guides Hall 9 June
REST, RELAX, RESTORE and CREATE..every Saturday afternoon starting 9th June.
Class is 4pm - 5pm.
A guided meditation while you rest on your mat.. Bring a yoga mat, small pillow or cushion, light sheet or blanket to cover yourself and set yourself up for 45 mins of supreme comfort and rest..
Research shows that regular practice of relaxation and meditation has beneficial effects on physiological, psychological and emotional health problems including insomnia, panic attacks, diabetes, IBS, depression, migraine, fatigue, headaches, menopause and general pain. (Reference: Desai, Kamini, PhD, 'Yoga Nidra: The Art of Transformational Sleep' (inspired by the teachings of Yogi Amrit Desai). First Lotus Press, (2017) - book is available from Sunshine Coast Libraries.
(There are 177 medical journal references to the health benefits at the back of Dr Kamini Desai's book).

"The physical body may age but the energy body doesn't". Dr Kamini Desai?
Tea and homemade gluten gree, sugar free refreshments included.

IMPORTANT to book...thank you, so I can place a yoga mat out for you. Please do bring a yoga mat or something comfortable to rest on if you have one. Bring a pillow or 2 and light shawl or blanket.

pH.or Text 0431 873 042 to confirm a mat space.
Facebook. YogArtNidra Sunshine Coast to view watercolour paintings, updates and info re health benefits of guided meditation.

Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia 4551
Saturday at 4.00pm every week (next 27-May-2018)
Girl Guides Hall
Iluka street
This event is hosted by YogArt who has kindly volunteered to help make it as easy as possible for newcomers.
Contact the host to confirm booking.
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