Heathers the Musical

New kid on the block, Moreton Bay Theatre Company, will be hitting town with a bang when they bring Heathers the Musical to the Events Centre.

The off-Broadway musical spinoff of the 80’s cult classic movie The Heathers, the show is a darkly delicious twist on the teen high school genre. High School Musical it is not. Westerburg High School, Sherwood, Ohio, an unremarkable location, is ruled by a trio of perfectly made up, shoulder pad wearing girls who all happen to be called Heather. Pretty but awkward Veronica Sawyer longs to be part of their clique but what must she do to enter their golden circle and who is the mysterious new guy who is so interested in her?

Addressing issues that are still very topical including bullying, marginalisation, sex, drugs and teenage suicide, the musical is still highly entertaining with some high energy ‘big’ numbers as well as poignant tear-jerkers.

Director Angela Witcher said, “It may be a tale bursting at the seams with ‘stock’ characters; jerk-off jocks, cheerless cheerleaders, geeks, stoners and of course the fat girl but they all have ‘damage’. So the actors needed to find their damage, create their backstories and channel these into their character. It is a dark story without a happy ending and that makes it all the more real and still relevant in today’s materialistic and often superficial world.”
Saturday at 7.30pm 30-Jun-2018
The Events Centre Caloundra
20 Minchinton Street
Brisbane Social Group  
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