Bbq @ Shelly Beach- 1st Sat In Month 4pm

Bbq @ Shelly Beach- 1st Sat In Month 4pm
We are a friendly group who meet at 4pm at Shelly Beach (bbq at the bottom of the hill), first Saturday of each month, rain or shine. I wear my red hat so you can see which group is us.

We were originally a small MeetUp group, a couple of others have joined us along the way, and we are now usually up to 10 attendees. We've been meeting for 18 months now and have always managed to get a table and seating so far, but there's bound to be a first time ... so just in case, you might like to bring your own chair along. I always have a table in my boot in case it is needed. I also bring along my little gas burner and kettle and a few provisions so we can make tea or coffee.

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1st Saturday of month at 4.00pm (next 07-Dec-2019)
Shelly Beach, Caloundra
Victoria Terrace
Julia Jessop
No booking required, just add your name to the Who's Going list to let others know you will be attending.
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Hi everyone. I plan to have a 'secret santa' basket at our Dec bbq. Completely optional. If you want to, bring along a small wrapped gift (under $5, or home-made) to put in the basket. Take a gift out when you leave, or when we can't wait any longer to hand them out.

Julia J on 13-Nov-2019
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