*100% Hemp Derived CBD oil for personal use only.

Hi Everyone :)

Recently, I stumbled upon a Facebook post from a friend. She talked about how CBD oil was helping her many ailments so I looked into it. After reading all the amazing testimonials I decided to purchase a bottle to help my partner with his anxiety and sinus issues. After a week of using the 750mg peppermint one, my partners sinuses greatly improved and he now hardly has any anxiety, or now depression!

UPDATE - We have been on the oil for more then 3 months and has dramatically improved my partners anxiety, depression, sleeps well at night and has stopped snoring from no more sinus lol. I have 5 drops myself at night before bed to help sleep better. Not only did it make me sleep like a baby but it has helped me to lose some weight and I have just discovered (thanks for others saying this as well) that my cellulite has been dramatically reduced!

This amazing oil relieves anxiety, reduces risk of artery blockage, it is neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, relieves pain and promotes bone growth. To know more about this incredible oil please visit this link http://www.hempworx.com/colday (copy and paste in your browser).

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to message me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ricolday.

Beware of other oils that are mixed with carrier oils like olive oil (as an example). Not only do these oils not give you the same benefits but some of them still have a certain amount of THC making them illegal. Ours is 80% hemp plant oil and 20% hemp seed oil making it up to 100% hemp.... no other carriers are added. It also has a 30 day money back guarantee :)

*Is this oil legal in Australia?
I am not a lawyer but this is my current understanding. CBD in Australia is legal on s8 prescription (which is a very hard and long process to go through) and the hemp seed side of things is now legal here. It is illegal to buy cbd oil over the counter, but its not illegal to have it shipped from overseas for your personal use. Our laws have been changed to allow the use of HEMP derived CBD oil to be consumed as a health supplement when bought overseas. CBD oil from Marijuana is still illegal because of the high THC. The percentage of THC in the Hempworx oil is only .3% making it more legal then the Marijuana oil. Many people will take matters into their own hands and order online for themselves - which is quicker, easier, and cheaper. That choice is ultimately yours to make. The police have already given the thumbs up so to speak and customs let it in....so they are good signs. If you still however have concerns seek legal advice.
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