New dates for 2018! Introduction to QiGong Course

Stressed? Tired? Anxiety? Chronic Pain?

QiGong is a type of movement meditation, a gentle practice of breathing, focusing your mind, and doing simple body movements, to cultivate energy for increased vitality, calmness and wellbeing. It can even be done sitting down!

Join us for a 4 week introductory course which is the perfect start for those new to QiGong. The course includes details about the origins of QiGong and how each of the 3 key elements (Body, Breath and Intent) of QiGong works and why they are important. By the end of the 4 weeks you will also have several practices which you can do in your own time/space.

The benefits of QiGong include:

- Reduce stress and tension
- Reduce and erase panic attacks
- Improve sleep
- Lower blood pressure and improves heart health
- Reduce chronic pain
- Ease joint pain
- Build strength and stamina
- Enhance the immune system
- Improve balance and stability
- Promote better circulation

Hosted by Christian Lutz Osteopathy. For more information go to

This Introduction to Qigong course is run over 4 consecutive Wednesday's from 9.30am to 10.30am. There is currently a JULY course and AUGUST course available.

Class 1 - Wednesday 11th July
Class 2 - Wednesday 18th July
Class 3 - Wednesday 25th July
Class 4 - Wednesday 1st August

Class 1 - Wednesday 8th August
Class 2 - Wednesday 15th August
Class 3 - Wednesday 22nd August
Class 4 - Wednesday 29th August

Member is Christian L (Bli Bli)
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