Anti Bullying Defence course for your Grand child

Hello Im James I am a 5th Degree Black belt. I have worked for many years in Juvenile detention, working with troubled kids, of which many of them were either bullied or had become bullies themselves. I aim to run a self-awareness course for children to give them self-empowerment to be able to endure verbal attacks, physical attacks, and how to deal with online bully attacks. While there is no quick fix to this problem, we can give our children different ways to emotionally deal with these situations both physically and mentally. If we give them simple skills, they will feel stronger in themselves, rather than stumbling along and not knowing how to get out of the way of a bullies verbal physical and online attacks. As we have heard, extreme bullying has resulted in some kids taking their own lives, as they felt hopeless about what to do. Our course will give them the tools on where to start and how to get the bully away.
It will be a 4 week course of 1.5 hours per session. Each session will be designed to carefully give your kids the ability to walk away, be aware of their surroundings to stay away from the Bully, how to report to you or authority that they are being bullied. Let them know its ok to come and talk to you about being bullied and its not a sign of weakness and nothing to be ashamed about, it’s the bullies problem. For more information call James on 0407 173824
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