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We are experienced Village Consultants advising people considering downsizing from their home into a Village. It can be an expensive financial nightmare. do not go it alone.....With our service we can assist you to make the right stay in your own home or move into a village??. Buy a smaller home... Not so easy, with a choice of Retirement, Lifestyle, Seniors, Over 50's, Over 55's, Senior Rentals, etc. Do you understand the differences in villages, and the ongoing costs involved?? Consider this... - you don't own the land, a Company does, you will be buying the unit/house only. You may have read over the years, stories of older, long term residents having to move their home from the land, they only rent, but DO NOT OWN. Dangerous.
We are very familiar with the Govt Acts pertinent to the village you are considering.- we explain all the costs connected...ABC Financial Adviser A Kohler, wrote - "Like financial advice, regulation of the retirement, lifestyle, and Aged Care industry, doesn't go far enough...Consumers may be swindled by complex contracts," Look at the recent Gold Coast horrible experience aged persons were put through.
We will explain the costs and increases.... Office ph 0412065887 or email We have a small consultation fee, well worth paying for peace of mind.
Lorraine Chandler
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